Nirvana - Vaseline Cover Songs (Guitar Tabs)

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I've decided to list all three of the Vaseline cover songs Nirvana has done,
since they're all real short (Molly's Lips, Son of a Gun, and Jesus Wants Me
For A Sunbeam). (a chord notation is at the end of this document for the
musically retarded)

*Molly's Lips*
This is just two chords throughout. Just G5 C5. That's it!

*Son of a Gun*
The intro and verse is A5 E5 D5 E5
Chorus: G5 C5 D5 C5
The interlude is just basically G5 D5 a couple of times, then A5 E5* a
couple of times, then back to G5 D5 four times.

*Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam*
Verse: E5 D5 A5
Chorus: E5 D5 E5 D5 E5 D5 A5
The solo (and the accordion part in the Unplugged version, I think) goes like


In live versions, the first and third verse are clean, while the choruses,
second verse, and solo are distorted. But both live electric versions and
the acoustic Unplugged version are played this way. On Unplugged it's tuned
down 1/2 step and for the outro the above tab is played once and then this is


chord notation
E5 : 022xxx
G5 : 355xxx or 3x00xx
A5 : 577xxx or x022xx
C5 : x355xx
D5 : x577xx or xx023x
E5* : x799xx

Nirvana                                                [10352]

About A Girl (T)
About A Girl (T) (C) (D) (M)
About A Girl (Acoustic) (T) (M)
About A Girl (ver 2) (C) (M)
About A Girl (ver 3) (T) (C) (M) (L)
About A Girl (ver 4) (C) (M)
About A Girl (ver 5) (T) (M)
About A Girl (ver 6) (C) (M)
About A Girl (ver 7) (C) (M)
About A Girl tab (ver 8) (T) (M)
Aero Zeppelin (T) (M)
Aero Zeppelin tab (T)
Ain't That A Shame (T)
Aint It A Shame (C)
All Apologies (T) (M)
All Apologies (Acoustic) (T) (M)
All Apologies (ver 2) (T) (C) (M)
All Apologies (ver 3) (T) (M)
All Apologies (ver1) (T) (D) (M)
All Apologises (T)
All Nirvana Songs (T)
Aneurysm (T)
Aneurysm (T)
Aneurysm (Live) (T)
Aneurysm (ver 2) (T)
Aneurysm (ver 3) (T) (L)
Anorexorcist (T)
Asshole (T)
Asshole (T)
Autopilot/ You Know Your Right (T)
Baba O Riley (T)
Bambi Slaughter (T)
Bandest (T)
Beans (T)
Been A Son (T)
Beeswax (T)
Big Cheese (T) (D)
Big Cheese (ver 2) (T)
Big Long Now (T) (C) (L)
Blandest (T) (D)
Bleach (ALBUM) (T) (M) (L)
Bleach Album (ver 2) (T)
Blew (T) (D)
Blew drum (ver 2) (D)
Blossom (C)
Born In A Junkyard (T)
Breed (T) (D)
Buffys Pregnant (T)
Clean Up Before She Comes (T) (L)
Cocaine Girl (T)
Come As You Are (T) (C) (D)
Come As You Are (Intro) (T)
Come As You Are (ver 2) (C)
Come As You Are (ver 3) (C)
Come As You Are (ver 4) (C)
Come As You Are (ver 5) (T)
Come On (T)
Complete Songbook (T)
Curmudgeon (T)
Curmudgeon (ver 2) (T)
D-7 (T)
D7 (T)
Dive (T) (D)
Dive (Live) (T)
Dive (ver 2) (T) (D)
Dive (ver 3) (T)
Do Re Mi (C)
Do You Love Me (T)
Downer (T) (L)
Downer (ver 2) (T)
Drain You (T) (D)
Drain You (ver 2) (T) (D)
Dumb (T) (C) (D)
Dumb (Acoustic) (T)
Endless Nameless (T)
Even In His Youth (T)
Fecal Matter (T)
Floyd The Barber (T)
Formaldehyde (T)
Frances Farmer (T) (C)
Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle (T)
Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle (v (T)
From The Muddy Banks Of The Wishkah (ver2) (T)
From The Muddy Banks Of The Wiskah (ALBUM) (T)
Gallons (T)
Gallons Of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through The Strip (T)
Greatest Hits (C)
Grey Goose (T)
Hairspray Queen (T)
Half The Man I Used To Be (C)
Heart Shaped Box (C) (D)
Heart Shaped Box (Acoustic) (T)
Heart Shaped Box (Acoustic) (ver 2) (T)
Heart Shaped Box (ver 2) (T)
Heart Shaped Box (ver 3) (T)
Heart Shaped Box (ver 4) (T)
Heart Shaped Box (ver 7) (T) (M)
Heart Shaped Box (ver5) (T)
Heart-shaped Box (ver 3) (T) (C)
Heart-shaped Box (ver 6) (T)
Heartbreaker (T)
Help Me (T)
Here She Comes Now (T)
Horrified (T)
I Hate Myself (T)
I Hate Myself (ver 2) (T)
I Hate Myself And Want To Die (T) (D) (L)
If You Must (T) (L)
In Bloom (T) (D)
In Bloom (ver 2) (T)
In Bloom (ver 3) (T)
In Bloom (ver 4) (T) (D)
In His Hands (T) (L)
In His Hands (ver 2) (T)
In His Room (T)
In Utero (ALBUM) (VER 1) (T) (M) (L)
In Utero Album (ver 2) (T)
Incesticide (ALBUM) (T) (M) (L)
Its Closing Soon (T)
Jealousy (T)
Jesus Doesnt Want Me For A Sunbeam (T) (C)
Junkyard (T)
Lake Of Fire (C)
Lake Of Fire (ver 2) (T) (C)
Laminated Effect (T)
Lithium (T) (C) (D)
Lithium (ver 2) (T)
Lithium (ver 3) (T)
Lithium (ver 4) (T)
Loose Ends Bootleg (T)
Lounge Act (T) (C) (D)
Lounge Act (ver 2) (T) (D)
Love Buzz (T)
Marigold (T)
Marigold (ver 2) (T)
Marijuana (T)
Mary (T)
Mexican Seafood (T)
Milk It (T)
Moist Vagina (T)
Mollys Lips (T) (L)
Mollys Lips (ver 2) (T)
More Than A Feeling (T)
Mr Moustache (T)
Mrs Butterworth (T)
My Best Friends Girl (T)
My Girl (C)
My Sharona (T)
Negative Creep (T)
Negative Creep (Live) (T)
Nevermind (Album 3) (T)
Nevermind (Album) (VER 2) (T)
Nevermind (Album) (VER 3) (T) (M)
Nevermind (ALBUM) (VER1) (T)
Nevermind Album (T) (C)
New Wave Polly (B) (M)
Nirvana (T)
Nirvana Album (T)
Nirvana Songbook (T)
No Alternative (T)
Oh Me (T) (C)
Oh Me (Acoustic) (T)
Oh The Guilt (T)
Old Age (C)
On A Plain (T) (C) (D)
On A Plain (ver 2) (T)
On A Plain (ver 3) (T)
On The Mountain (T)
On The Mountain (ver 2) (T)
Opinion (T)
Paper Cuts (T) (L)
Pen Cap Chew (T)
Pennyroyal Tea (C) (D)
Pennyroyal Tea (ver 2) (T) (D) (L)
Plain (C)
Plateau (C) (D)
Polly (C) (D)
Polly (ver 2) (T) (D) (L)
Polly (ver 3) (T) (D) (L)
Polly (ver 3) (T) (D)
Radio Friendly Unit Shifter (T)
Rape Me (T) (C) (D)
Rape Me (ver 2) (T) (C) (D)
Rape Me (ver 3) (T)
Rare Nirvana Songs (T)
Raunchola (T)
Return Of The Rat (T) (C)
Return Of The Rat (ver 2) (C)
Run Rabbit Run (C)
Sappy (T)
Scentless Apprentice (T) (D)
Scentless Apprentice (Live) (T)
School (T) (D)
School (Live) (T)
School (ver 2) (T)
School (ver 3) (T)
Scoff (T)
Seasons In The Sun (T)
Sentless Apprentice (T)
Serve The Servants (T) (C) (D)
Shifting (T)
Sifting (T)
Sliver (T) (D) (L)
Sliver (ver 2) (T) (L)
Sliver (ver 3) (T)
Smells Like Teen Spirit (T) (D)
Smells Like Teen Spirit (ver 2) (T)
Smells Like Teen Spirit (ver 3) (T)
Smells Like Teen Spirit (ver 4) (T) (L)
Smells Like Teen Spirit (ver 5) (T) (L)
Smells Like Teen Spirit (ver 6) (T) (L)
Something In The Way (T) (C) (D)
Something In The Way (T)
Son Of A Gun (T) (C)
Son Of A Gun (ver 2) (T)
Sound Of Dentage (T)
Spank Thru (T) (C) (D)
Stain (T)
Stay Away (T)
Suicide Samurai (T)
Swap Meet (T)
Talk To Me (T)
Territorial Pissings (T)
Territorial Pissings (T) (D)
Territorial Pissings (ver 2) (T)
The Big Long Now (C)
The End (T)
The Man Who Sold The Word (T) (C)
The Man Who Sold The World (ver 2) (T) (C)
The Man Who Sold The World (ver 3) (T) (C)
The Money Will Roll Right In (T)
The Money Will Roll Right In (ver 2) (T)
The Other Improv (T)
The Pill (T)
They Hung Him On A Cross (C)
Token Eastern Song (T)
Tourettes (T) (D)
Tourettes (ver 2) (T) (D)
Tourettes (ver 3) (D)
Turnaround (C) (D)
Unplluged In Ny (ALBUM) (C)
Unplugged Album (C)
Unplugged In Ny (ver 2) (C)
Vaseline Cover Songs (T)
Verse Chorus Verse (T) (C) (L)
Very Ape (T)
Very Ape (Acoustic) (T)
Very Ape (ver 2) (T)
Where Did You Sleep (T) (C)
Where Did You Sleep Last Night (Acoustic) (C)
White Lace And Strange (T)
With The Lights Out (T)
With The Lights Out (Disc 1) (T)
With The Lights Out (Disc 2) (T)
With The Lights Out (Disc 3) (T)
You Got No Right (C)
You Know Your Right (T) (L)
You Know Your Right (ver 2) (T) (L)
You Know Youre Right (ver 3) (T) (L)

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